The 15 Best Portable Charcoal Grills of 2024

Best portable charcoal grill

Last Updated: January 16, 2020

Searching for the worthy portable charcoal grill, get acquainted with its charcoal variety. This grill type amazes with ease of exploitation, smart design, wonderfully flavored snacks, meat, and fish dishes. Our experts laid themselves out in order to provide you with the following portable charcoal BBQ grills rating. We know what is the best charcoal grill ever.

Our Best Choice Portable Charcoal Grill

Let us offer you the best portable charcoal grill

Our Top Pick

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe Portable Grill

Dimensions: 17″ x 14.5″ x 14.2″ (H x W x D) Capacity: 14 in. Weight: 9.5 pounds Material: Aluminum, Porcelain

This outdoor charcoal grill from Weber is a great outdoor equipment for tasty burgers, hot dogs, and cutlets cooking.


It offers a simple design, lightweight construction, porcelain case (both bowl and lid), durable steel grate.

A comparative analysis of 15 different charcoal grill models will help you make the right choice. Hurry up and delight your family with a trustful outdoor assistant – choose your best small charcoal grill among the following verified products.

Our Top 15 Best Portable Gas Grills

Take a look at the 15 best charcoal outdoor grills for tasty snacks, meat and vegetables cooking

Our Top Pick

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe Portable Grill

Compact design, convenient handle, 14-inch cooking area 

Fire Sense Large Rectangle Yakatori Charcoal Grill

Stylish, efficient and durable grill model

Best Ash Catcher

Cuisinart CCG190 Portable Charcoal Grill

Small grill with convenient ash catcher

Best For Burgers

Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

Great grill solution for outdoor burgers cooking

Char-Griller E82424 Side Fire Box Charcoal Grill

Robust and durable charcoal device with safe handle

Best For Camping

Fire Sense Black Notebook Charcoal Grill

14.18 x 11.82 x 17.53 inches

Tiny foldable grill for a perfect camping time

Char-Broil Portable Kettle Charcoal Grill

Large grill grate, simple exploitation

Realcook Vertical 17 Inch Steel Charcoal BBQ Grill

Great multifunctional vertical grill

BNCHI Charcoal Grill Foldable Outdoor BBQ Grill

Tiny outdoor charcoal grill with foldable legs

Char-Griller E06614 Charcoal Grill

25.3 x 21.5 x 20.5 inches

Original red exterior, proven functionality and efficiency

Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill 18 Inch Black

19.75 x 20.5 x 19.75 inches

Compact, convenient and safe grill solution

Extra Large Lotus Grill G-GR-435

10.1 x 13.8 x 17.1 inches

Large grill device perfect for big company

Portable Charcoal Tabletop BBQ Grill

Safety, easy assembly, foldable design

VENYN Original 18-inch Premium Portable Charcoal Grill

Pircelain coated convenient foldable outdoor grill

ISUMER Charcoal Portable BBQ Kabab Grill

Easy assembling grill – quick installation, pleasant cooking

We have tested multiple grills and picked the most worthy appliances, so you may choose the best grill right now

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe Portable Grill

Dimensions: 17″ x 14.5″ x 14.2″ (H x W x D)

Capacity: 14 in.

Weight: 9.5 pounds

Material: Aluminum, Porcelain

Pros and Cons

  • Compact, simple design; convenient lid with handle; beneficial price
  • Small cooking zone

If you have already met the original Weber portable charcoal grills, so you are definitely aware of its high quality and durable service life. The presented mini charcoal grill has a black porcelain case. The lid allows to close the device and reach a higher temperature inside. The reviewed Smokey Joe portable charcoal grill suggests a strong grate made of plated steel.


This best small charcoal grill is durable and also easy to clean after meat and burgers roasting. Other grill’s details are made of robust aluminum. The manufacturer has complemented the grill with dampers – they allow to adjust the cooking temperature, decreasing or increasing it. The Weber grill offers a stylish versatile black design. A convenient handle fixed tightly at the top of the lid makes it easy to move the grill from place to place.

Fire Sense Large Rectangle Yakatori Charcoal Grill

Dimensions: 18″ x 10″ x 7″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  17 x 10 in.

Weight: 18 pounds

Material: Metal, Ceramic

Pros and Cons

  • Handmade clay device; convenient tabletop solution
  • Metal elements are not durable

The presented grill from the Fire Sense surprises with large cooking zone (17×10 inches). The device will give you ability to cook large meal portions with maximum convenience. The Fire Sense small Yakatori charcoal grill is made of ceramic (body) and metal (stand, grate). These materials look attractive and are durable enough. This is the most convenient tabletop charcoal grill portable type for outdoor cooking.


The producer assures that this is a handmade equipment – attractive and functional. It is so comfy to use it on the stand or tabletop. The observed Fire Sense Yakatori charcoal grill has a special ventilating system – adjust it in order to increase or decrease the cooking temperature. The grill is equipped with a convenient metal stand with handles.

Cuisinart CCG190 Portable Charcoal Grill

Dimensions: 15″ x 14.5″ x 14.5″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  150 sq. in.

Weight: 2 lbs.

Material: Steel, Enamel

Pros and Cons

  • Reliable ash catcher; double venting system
  • Small cooking surface

Welcome one more amazingly convenient and simple charcoal grill from Cuisinart. It has a 4 legs construction and a round cooking zone (150 square inches). The presented Cuisinart portable charcoal grill is the best solution for outdoors cooking. It weighs 2 pounds only and is very easy to transport. It is also added with 3 strong locks – these details make the transportation as safe as possible. The reviewed Cuisinart 14 portable charcoal grill has a smart venting system. It allows to adjust the needed temperature and cook juicy meat or vegetables.


Note that a reliable and safe ash catcher is its main benefit. The firebox is coated with durable enamel that extends the product’s service life. The lid is equipped with a convenient handle – open it and keep your hands safe from burns. The stylish black bowl of the grill is universal and will surely be highly appreciated by any purchaser.

Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

Dimensions: 14.5″ x 21″ x 12.2″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  14.5 in.

Weight: 14.5 pounds

Material: Cast Iron, Porcelain

Pros and Cons

  • Small dimensions; easy to transport
  • Shallow grill bowl

A comfortable stand in the form of four metal legs ensures a stable grill position. This mini grill charcoal type is merely indispensable when relaxing in the forest, on the coast, or even in your house’s backyard. This small charcoal BBQ grill is added with a convenient burger press and can hold up to 6 burgers at once. The grill body is made of cast iron and covered with porcelain.


The presented small Weber charcoal grill is functional and easy to exploit despite its modest size. The grill’s grate is made of plated steel. This material is either durable or easy to clean after cooking. The lid of the grill closes tightly, allowing to reach high temperatures inside the device. Don’t forget to use dampers in order to adjust the temperatures. One may get acquainted with the offered Weber go anywhere portable charcoal grill 3D users manual via a special application.

Char-Griller E82424 Side Fire Box Charcoal Grill

Dimensions: 16.2″ x 17.5″ x 19.3″ (H x W x D)

Capacity: 250 sq. in.

Weight: 42.4 pound

Material: Steel, Cast Iron

Pros and Cons

  • Lid with safe handle; compact tabletop solution
  • Weighty

Compact dimensions and relatively spacious cooking zone (up to 250 square inches) make this device one of the most demanded. The suggested Char-Griller multi function 250-sq in portable charcoal grill is made of high quality, durable materials – cast iron and steel. 4 short legs provide stable fixation of the appliance at the table or tabletop. The device has an easily removable ash tray.


The lid of the Char Griller multi function 250 sq in portable charcoal grill is equipped with a convenient handle. It stays cool during the whole cooking process and allows to protect your hands. Apply the 2 available dampers in order to correct the inside temperature, depending on the meal cooked. This is a powerful and compact tabletop grill at the same time, allowing you to cook preciously delicate meat and flavorous vegetables.

Fire Sense Black Notebook Charcoal Grill

Dimensions: 14.18″ x 11.82″ x 17.53″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  14 in.

Weight: 7.73 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to transport; lightweight
  • Small cooking surface

This compact 14-inch grill device will surely be useful during a picnic or backyard party. Small size, good functionality, and proven usability are the main advantages of this device. Small but so comfortable Fire Sense notebook charcoal grill features a foldable design, so may be easily folded and transported in the car trunk. The set of the device includes a grate for charcoal and a grill rack.


The observed Fire Sense notebook charcoal grill is made of refractory steel, which guarantees its long-term operation and its original appearance retention. Place the appliance on a table away from flammable items, add charcoal as fuel, place food that needs to be grilled. When folded, the grill becomes almost flat. When folded, a convenient handle is formed, facilitating transportation.

Char-Broil Portable Kettle Charcoal Grill

Dimensions: 16″ x 14.69″ x 14.2″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  540 sq. in.

Weight: 0.212 ounces

Material: Steel, Cast Iron

Pros and Cons

  • Large grill grate; reliable construction
  • Poor heat retention

This rounded grill will delight you with a large grill grate area. It is equal to 540 square inches. The device is produced of steel (bowl, lid) and cast iron (grill grate). The Char Broil portable charcoal grill has a black-covered bowl and lid. 4 grey colored legs ensure a stable device position. Note the stylish, original Chair-Broil logo on the lid. It gives the device originality and makes it recognizable.


The grilling grate is covered with durable porcelain that is able to extend the operating life of the device. The special coating of the grill grate makes it resistant to damage and also easy to clean. The presented Char Broil portable grill has a convenient and spacious ash tray. Get an easy excess to ash and clean the device when the cooking is over. It may be removed easily when needed. Dampers facilitate easy adjustment of the desired temperature regime.

Realcook Vertical 17 Inch Steel Charcoal BBQ Grill

Dimensions: 35″ x 17″ x 22″ (H x W x D)

Capacity: 453 sq. in.

Weight: 19.21 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel, Porcelain

Pros and Cons

  • Multifunctional; large cooking area
  • Complicated temperature control

This amazing device is versatile, compact, and proven to be convenient. You can easily use it as a fire pit, barbeque device, one or even two separate grills, a smoker. Choose the preferable option and start cooking delicious snacks, meat, or vegetables. The presented mini barrel charcoal grill is a multi-layer solution for a thoughtful and well-planned picnic. A reliable locking system allows you to fix and transport it safely.


Two grill grates present you in general 453 square inches cooking area – an almost limitless space for a culinary delights variety. The grill is made of qualitative steel, covered with robust porcelain. Note, that handle is heat resistant, so it guarantees your safety and protection from burns. Also, this small barrel charcoal grill features a built-in thermometer for cooking temperature adjusting.

BNCHI Charcoal Grill Foldable Outdoor BBQ Grill

Dimensions: 10.6″ x 2.4″ x 13.8″ (H x W x D)

Capacity: 2.4 x 13.8 in.

Weight: 2.94 pounds

Material: Metal, Cast Iron

Pros and Cons

  • Compact design; easy to transport
  • Small cooking surface

This small portable folding charcoal grill with tiny foldable legs will definitely become your constant companion at picnics and BBQ parties. It is convenient to carry with you, takes up little space, and is not a hassle. Its reliability and strength distinguish the reliable cast-iron case. The foldable design guarantees maximum convenience and ease of transportation. Just a couple of seconds, and this small tabletop charcoal grill is ready to be used.


The advanced venting system allows quick and easy temperature control. Cook any food for pleasure, choosing the right temperature for each meal type (meat, seafood, mushrooms, or vegetables). When folded, such portable charcoal grills for camping look like small suitcases. The device is added with a convenient metal handle. Lightweight, laconic and convenient design, functionality – all these are the main advantages of the portable grill reviewed. Ideal for a company of 2-4 persons.

Char-Griller E06614 Charcoal Grill

Dimensions: 25.3″ x 21.5″ x 20.5″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  153 sq. in.

Weight: 37 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel, Ceramic 

Pros and Cons

  • Stylish red exterior; functional
  • Weighty

Welcome one more modern and stylish egg-shaped red grill. The grill is recognizable by the logo that you can see on its top front side. The device is manufactured from qualitative ceramic and promises a long service life. The cooking area is 153 square inches. It is enough for preparing lunch or dinner for a group of 4 people. 3 metal legs are responsible for the stable position of the grill. There are 2 convenient handles on both sides of the case. Also, one more handle is placed on the grill lid.


The reviewed Char-Griller e06614 akorn jr has 2 dampers, located at the bottom and at the top. Use them in order to adjust the cooking temperature easily. The Char-Griller portable grill offers a convenient ash tray that can be easily cleaned when the cooking process is finished. Improved charcoal ignition system guarantees less fuel usage. The cooking temperature may reach up to 700 degrees F. The grill is well-constructed – promises easy exploitation and cleaning.

Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill 18 Inch Black

Dimensions: 19.75″ x 20.5″ x 19.75″ (H x W x D)

Capacity: 18 in.

Weight: 18 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel, Porcelain, Aluminum

Pros and Cons

  • Compact dimensions; enlarged cooking zone
  • No thermometer built-in

Your household and friends will highly appreciate this 18-inches grill. The presented Weber portable charcoal grill features modest dimensions but is functional and convenient enough. The oversized grill grid can hold up to 8 burgers (grill press available). It is one of the best picnic pieces of equipment (compact, lightweight, easy to use). Thanks to the convenient handle, you can easily and safely open the grill lid while cooking.


The lid lock can be used as a stand (protecting the device’s lid from lying on the ground). The whole body of the mini Weber charcoal grill has high quality and durable black porcelain coating. It is heat-resistant, has a long service life, and is easy to care for. The ashtray is made of aluminum and is easy to be got out and cleaned thoroughly. Use the dampers available in order to correct the cooking temperature.

Extra Large Lotus Grill G-GR-435

Dimensions: 10.1″ x 13.8″ x 17.1″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  13.8 in.

Weight: 14.3 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel

Pros and Cons

  • Large cooking surface; convenient storage case
  • Pricy; low airflow

BBQ lovers will highly appreciate the following extra large outdoor charcoal grill. It has several vivid advantages – a large grill grid, stylish design (case is colored in attractive lime green color), convenient bag for easy keeping and carrying. The observed Lotusgrill XL heats up quickly enough. It takes 4-5 minutes only to start the cooking procedure.


A convenient carrying case with a zipper and two handles allows you to store the device carefully or transport it safely. It is also especially important that the grill’s outer surface does not heat up, so the device can be considered one of the safest. The Lotusgrill smokeless charcoal grill is made of robust, durable stainless steel, so it will surely serve you for many years. Attractive design and low wood charcoal consumption make this portable cooking device one of the most demanded.

Portable Charcoal Tabletop BBQ Grill

Dimensions: 8.8″ x 11″ x 15.9″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  180 sq. in.

Weight: 6.89 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel

Pros and Cons

  • Low charcoal consumption; easy maintenance
  • Shallow charcoal bowl

We present to your attention a small but convenient grill on two metal curved legs. The offered stainless steel portable charcoal grill features a 180 square inches cooking area. At the same time, it is lightweight and may be easily transported wherever you need. The manufacturer tried to create either simple or reliable construction. So, this grill may be assembled in a few minutes and cleaned as easily as possible.


Such small charcoal grills for camping may become perfect for small companies (2-4 persons). The lid is equipped with a convenient robust handle. There are two grates – first made for charcoal placing, and the second for meat, seafood, or vegetables roasting. Both grates are made of durable stainless steel (non-stick material). This allows to cook any products perfectly and clean the surface easily when the cooking is over.

VENYN Original 18-inch Premium Portable Charcoal Grill

Dimensions: 7.5″ x 17.5″ x 18″ (H x W x D)

Capacity: 18 in.

Weight: 8.88 pounds

Material: Steel, Porcelain

Pros and Cons

  • Easy assembly and usage; convenient ashtray; durable porcelain coating
  • Low-quality fasteners

Welcome another great outdoor grill device. It is a kettle type grill with a convenient original fixation (two legs and 2 wheels). Wheels provide easy sliding to the needed place, and legs are responsible for the stable grill’s fixation during operation. The offered cheap portable charcoal grill from the VENYN brand is made of stainless steel – both lid and kettle (bowl). Also, both these details are covered with durable and attractive porcelain. It prolongs the device’s exploitation terms and protects it from rust and damages.


This portable charcoal grill for outdoor amazes with its convenience and reliability. It has a large enough cooking zone (18 inches diameter grate) and an additional convenient bottom grate for placing any other items or accessories. The lid contains a special airflow vent in order you could regulate the cooking temperature as needed. Note the convenient ashtray – you will enjoy its easy devastating and cleaning after cooking.

ISUMER Charcoal Portable BBQ Kabab Grill

Dimensions: 26.8″ x 12.8″ x 45″ (H x W x D)

Capacity:  12 x 45 in.

Weight: 12.89 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel

Pros and Cons

  • Large cooking area; additional storage areas; convenient foldable design
  • Sharp edges

This convenient portable charcoal BBQ grill in the form of a stand with 4 reliable legs will conquer you with its practicality and convenience. This appliance from the ISUMER brand is lightweight, portable, featuring a neat and stylish appearance. It is large enough for preparing a picnic meal for a big company. At the same time, when folded, the offered stainless steel charcoal grill kebab BBQ portable mangal is rather compact, which makes it easy to carry or transport by car.


This large portable charcoal grill possesses a spacious cooking area. It also has more useful surfaces for placing food plates, sauce cans, and drinks. When unfolded, the main cooking surface offers 2 additional zones for spices and sauces placing. One more grate type surface is situated at the bottom of the grill – here one may put dishes with a ready-cooked meal or something else. Side air ventilation holes allow adjusting the cooking temperature as you desire.

Guide to Buying the Best Portable Gharcoal Grill

Small charcoal grill

Speaking about portable charcoal grills, it is not difficult to guess that such devices use coal strictly as fuel. Experts recommend using wood charcoal. It has a rich woody aroma and gives food a recognizable, everyone’s favorite flavor.

How to use a small charcoal grill?

So, how to use a small charcoal grill? If you have foldable portable grill charcoal at your disposal, the first thing you need to do is its assembling. Next, prepare the food to be fried. Place the coals in a suitable tray and light them. According to the portable charcoal grills reviews, such devices quickly pump up the temperature and are ready for use within 5-10 minutes. Place food on the grill rack, use dampers to control the temperature. When the cooking is over and the appliance has cooled down, remove the ashtray and empty all the accumulated waste. It is necessary to wash all the grill parts that came into contact with food.

What is the best portable charcoal grill?

We have tested the mass of devices to choose the most worthy portable charcoal grill. The Weber 10020 Smokey Joe Portable Grill is worth taking the first place among all the modern small charcoal grills to or experts’ mind. It is lightweight, compact, and fries any food type with sufficient quality. Concise and at the same time stylish exterior makes this charcoal portable grill demanded appliance for any family fond of picnics and other outdoor activities. No doubt, other small grills charcoal type, represented in our rating, are also worth purchasing. We have just picked the mentioned compact charcoal grill as the best recommendation for our readers.

How to cook on a portable charcoal grill?

Make sure to open the dampers before operating your grill. The basic grill grate should be taken off. Add charcoal, light it, wait for 5-10 minutes. Usually, this time is enough for a small portable charcoal grill to get ready to operate. Now the main grill grate can be installed. Close the lid for heat increasing and open the venting hole. As the grill warms up, prepare the snacks you plan to cook. Any food you cook must have a room temperature. In this case, portable grills charcoal grate will leave characteristic ruddy stripes on the meat or snacks.

Who sells portable charcoal grills?

Searching for the best portable charcoal grill, you may visit multiple shops. These may be online and ordinary trading places. Though a small portable charcoal grill may be bought in any modern home appliance store, more and more buyers make such a purchase on online trading platforms. Large retail chains sell various charcoal grill portable type equipment at quite reasonable prices. At the same time, when purchasing such a product online, you can read real buyers’ reviews, learn their opinions, compare prices, and give preference to the best charcoal mini grill in every sense.

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