How long to cook steak on the grill?

How Long to cook steak on grill

Last Updated: January 08, 2021

Cooking a steak is a frequently discussed topic in the circle of true gourmets. Today we’ll talk about the optimal cooking time for steaks on different types of grills, including cheap portable gas grill. We will discuss the appropriate time and temperature regimes that allow you to get really tasty, perfectly baked meat.

Guide for steak grilling

To prepare a delicious steak, it is important to choose fresh, high-quality beef. Cooks recommend giving preference to farmers’ meat, supposing it to be more flavored, healthy, and tasty. Perhaps, grill is the best device for cooking a ruddy, juicy grill supplemented with a fried crust. Right now, you will receive answers to questions regarding the grilling timing and basic rules.

How long to cook steak on a grill pan?

Modern housewives usually apply either a mini charcoal grill or even a simple grill pan for perfect steak cooking. How to organize the cooking meat process on such equipment properly, and how long will it take to fry the steak in this case thoroughly? Experienced cooks know – even if you don’t have a regular outdoors grill, it doesn’t matter.


You can always cook equally tasty meat by owning a regular grill pan. The average cooking time for such a meat type is approximately 20-25 minutes. The time period may vary according to the level of its roast. If you prefer a rare cooked steak, roast it for 10 minutes. Also, do not forget that the steak’s thickness and dimensions also affect the overall cooking time.

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Use a paper towel in order to remove excess moisture from the meat surface. This will ensure a tasty, crispy crust and prevent the boiled meat effect. Then treat the steak on both sides with your favorite seasoning mixture, or use a classic salt and pepper combination. Heat the pan to medium temperature and melt 1 teaspoon of butter. As soon as the butter turns brown, place the meat on the grill pan. Fry for 5-6 minutes on both sides. To check if the meat is cooked, use a food thermometer – place the dipstick inside the steak and make sure the fiber temperature is 120-130°F. Now add another teaspoon of butter to the pan, some finely chopped champignons (they will give some juice), and a couple of chopped garlic cloves. Stew the meat for another 10 minutes.

What temperature to cook steak on a gas grill?

The gas grill is an indispensable technique for those who love picnics, hikes, and outdoor recreation. If your plans include cooking a delicious and flavorful steak on a gas grill, you should read the recommendations for the optimal temperature. Experienced cooks say it’s optimal to fry steaks between 450 and 500°F. In this case, the frying process duration should be 2-3 minutes (on each side). Of course, this applies to a medium-thick steak. If it is thicker, then the time will be increased, if thinner – reduced.

How long to cook skirt steak on grill?

Skirt steak is an increasingly popular choice for gourmets. It is distinguished by an oblong shape, a thin layer, and a rich beef flavor (especially when comparing this type of meat with flank steak). Culinary experts advise to cook it to medium-rare or rare texture. How long to grill the steak? If you are cooking it on the hot grill surface, fry it for 2-3 minutes from each side. This time will be enough for its crispy brown crust. Note that this meat type is relatively thin, so try to avoid its overcooking. Otherwise, you will end up with overdried and tough meat. If you follow these guidelines, you will get a well-done skirt steak with medium-rare inside fibers.

How long to cook steak on a pellet grill?

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The pellet grill gives you the opportunity to cook a delicious, grilled steak in several ways. The cooking time will be approximately the same – about 15 minutes. The first method supposes heating the pellet grill surface to a high temperature (at least 350°F). Put the washed and thoroughly dried steak (wiped off with a paper towel or napkin) on the hot grill surface (the hottest zone). You will hear the characteristic hiss when the meat comes into contact with the grill surface. Allow the steak to cook for 7-8 minutes on each side. In total, you will spend 15 minutes preparing the dish. This steak cooking method will allow you to get a fragrant, crispy crust on the outside and juicy, slightly pink pulp on the inside.

The second method supposes heating the grill to 180°F and frying a steak on it, previously warmed to room temperature. It is recommended to place the steak on the grill so that it gets as much smoke as possible. The duration of meat cooking will be longer, about 20-30 minutes (smoke the meat for 10-15 minutes on each side). Now you need to remove the steak from the grill and heat it to 500°F. Again place the meat on the grill surface. Now fry the steak for 1 minute from both sides. This way, you will get a tasty, brown crust. Serve with fresh herbs and vegetables. Bon Appetit!

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