What Temperature To Grill Chicken?

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Last Updated: December 31, 2020

Delicious, flavored, and juicy chicken can be an exquisite addition to your everyday or festive table. Try to cook the chicken applying small portable gas grill. Forget the oven experience and wait for wonderful results. Being aware of a couple of secrets and nuances of marinating and roasting it, you can cook incredibly tender and tasty poultry meat.

Guide for chicken grilling

Further, we will reveal several specific features of the culinary process of marinating and subsequent chicken grilling. Some of the tips are probably familiar to you, while others will help you learn the culinary arts basics and gain new experiences.

What is the optimal temperature for chicken grillling?

The chicken breast grilling durability depends on the temperature regime you are applying. The culinary experts say that the optimal grill temperature for chicken is 350 F. This heat is enough for grilling perfectly juicy and, at the same time, fried chicken. Of course, if your grill is capable of overheating or, conversely, is not able to reach the indicated temperature, the cooking time will also change.


If you manage to maintain the temperature regime announced earlier, then the average duration of the chicken grilling will be 10-12 minutes. This recommendation is also actual for chicken breast with and without bones or skin.

The majority of modern outdoor gas grills are equipped with convenient temperature control. Using such devices, you can always clearly set the desired temperature, avoiding overcooking and overdrying the meat. 

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Digital food thermometer may become a perfect grills’ addition – it allows to detect the exact product’s temperature and evaluate its readiness.

What are the best tools for chicken grilling?

It is probably not worth mentioning that meat freshness and quality affect the dish’s taste and usefulness. This fact is unambiguously known to the overwhelming majority of housewives. Further, the importance of a number of accessories and tools presence in your kitchen should be noted. These instruments will help you to prepare meat correctly and easily before its direct grilling. We advise purchasing the double-sided culinary hammer (for meat beating), silicone spatula and brush (for greasing the chicken), food thermometer with a dipstick for accurate temperature detection.

One may apply these tools during the best portable charcoal grill or ordinary gas device exploiting. The hammer is needed to beat the meat lightly and provide its maximum softness. Despite the fact that chicken, especially chicken breast, is quite soft; nevertheless, it is recommended to beat it slightly for a more thorough and qualitative marinating and obtaining delicate fibers. Small life hack: to avoid staining the table, walls, and other kitchen surfaces, place the chicken in a regular plastic bag before beating. Being processed in this way, it will not harm the kitchen interior and will save you time.

Silicone kitchen accessories will become your best helpers. It is pleasant to use them and safe for any surfaces (including teflon ones). Using a brush, you can spread the marinade evenly over the pre-beaten meat. The scapula will become handy during the chicken grilling stage (for the chicken turning).

A food thermometer is an equally useful accessory. With its help, you can check the poultry meat fibers’ temperature and understand if the meat is ready. This way you can avoid the meat overdrying. Optimal internal chicken temperature is equal to 160-165 F.

What are the best life hacks for perfect chicken grilling?

Now we will tell you a couple of secrets that will help to cook wonderfully delicious poultry meat. First, always grill meat strictly reaching room temperature. Never fry cooled meat – this will negatively affect its taste parameters. Secondly, avoid too high temperatures during the whole grilling process. Try to give preference to the medium-low regime.

Thirdly, in order to preserve the meat juiciness to the maximum, soak it for 15-20 minutes in ordinary boiled salted water before frying. Then you can brush the chicken with your favorite spices and start frying. Rubbing the chicken breast (or another part of the chicken) with coarse salt will provide a similar effect. Choose the first or second method and see if it works.

How to serve grilled chicken?

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After you have grilled the chicken, don’t hurry up to serve it and offer to your guests. Wrap it into the foil and let rest for 5-10 minutes. This is very important to save perfect meat flavor and juice. Speaking about side dishes, note that the following variants will perfectly accomplish tasty grilled chicken. These are grilled tomatoes, brown rice, pasta, salad, roasted carrot, mashed potatoes. Choose the desired side dish and believe it will add the grilled chicken ideally!

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